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Version: 4.5

<ExternalCacheProvider />

Integrates external stores with rest-hooks. Should be placed as high as possible in application tree as any usage of the hooks is only possible for components below the provider in the React tree.

Is a replacement for \

- do NOT use both at once


import { ExternalCacheProvider } from 'rest-hooks';import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { store, selector } from './store';
ReactDOM.render(  <ExternalCacheProvider store={store} selector={selector}>    <App />  </ExternalCacheProvider>,  document.body,);

See redux example for a more complete example.


interface Store<S> {  subscribe(listener: () => void): () => void;  dispatch: React.Dispatch<ActionTypes>;  getState(): S;}

Store simply needs to conform to this interface. A common implementation is a redux store, but theoretically any external store could be used.

Read more about integrating redux.


(state: S) => State<unknown>

This function is used to retrieve the rest-hooks specific part of the store's state tree.