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Version: 4.5

<MockProvider />

function MockProvider({  children,  results,}: {  children: React.ReactChild;  results: Fixture[];}): JSX.Element;


is a simple substitute provider to prefill the cache with fixtures so the 'happy path' can be tested. This is useful for storybook as well as component testing.



interface Fixture {  request: ReadShape<Schema, object>;  params: object;  result: object | string | number;}

This prop specifies the fixtures to use data from. Each item represents a fetch defined by the FetchShape and params. Result contains the JSON response expected from said fetch.



Renders the children prop.


import { MockProvider } from '@rest-hooks/test';
import ArticleResource from 'resources/ArticleResource';import MyComponentToTest from 'components/MyComponentToTest';
const results = [  {    request: ArticleResource.listShape(),    params: { maxResults: 10 },    result: [      {        id: 5,        content: 'have a merry christmas',        author: 2,        contributors: [],      },      {        id: 532,        content: 'never again',        author: 23,        contributors: [5],      },    ],  },];
<MockProvider results={results}>  <MyComponentToTest /></MockProvider>