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Version: 4.5

Fetching Media

After setting up Rest Hooks for structured data fetching, you might want to incorporate some media fetches as well to take advantage of suspense and concurrent mode support.

Resource and Entity should not be used in this case, since they both represent string -> value map structures. Instead, we'll define our own simple FetchShape with a schema set to null, but with a type including what we expect in the response.

Schemas with literal types like null simply pass through the response, but their value is used to construct responses when the data does not exist yet (like in useCache)

export const photoShape = {
type: 'read' as const,
schema: null as ArrayBuffer | null,
getFetchKey({ userId }: { userId: string }) {
return `/users/${userId}/photo`;
fetch: async ({ userId }: { userId: string }) => {
const response = await fetch(`/users/${userId}/photo`);
const photoArrayBuffer = await response.arrayBuffer();

return photoArrayBuffer;
// photo is typed as null | ArrayBuffer, but should be an ArrayBuffer
const photo = useResource(photoShape, { userId });
// photo will be null if the fetch hasn't completed
// photo will be ArrayBuffer if the fetch has completed
const photo = useCache(photoShape, { userId });