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· 9 min read
Nathaniel Tucker

@rest-hooks/experimental is a new package that allows us to quickly iterate on new designs by using them in production, which provides feedback in ways not possible at design and testing phase.

This package is not api stable; it does follow semver, so it will never reach 1.0. However, it is tested with the same rigor we expect with Rest Hooks as we use it in production. It is recommend to use this for providing feedback or playing with designs, unless you are willing to put in extra work to make migrations. Detailed migration guides will only be provided upon upstreaming to the mainline packages.

Today this package comes with two new features:


const { fetch, invalidate, resetEntireStore } = useController();
fetch(MyResource.detail(), { id });


class NewsResource extends Resource {
static listPage<T extends typeof NewsResource>(this: T) {
return this.list().paginated(({ cursor, }) => [rest]);