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Version: 7.3


class SubscriptionManager<S extends SubscriptionConstructable> implements Manager

Orchestrates all subscriptions; ensuring fresh data without overfetching.


SubscriptionManager implements Manager

constructor(Subscription: S)

Subscription is the class that will be used to handle subscriptions to each endpoint. Each instance represents one subscription to a specific unique endpoint.

Consumed Actions

  • 'rest-hooks/subscribe'
  • 'rest-hooks/unsubscribe'


Subscription is a class that implements SubscriptionConstructable. Subscription instances handle the actual subscriptions.

/** Properties sent to Subscription constructor */
export interface SubscriptionInit {
schema: Schema;
fetch: () => Promise<any>;
url: string;
frequency?: number;

/** Interface handling a single resource subscription */
interface Subscription {
add(frequency?: number): void;
remove(frequency?: number): boolean;
cleanup(): void;

/** The static class that constructs Subscription */
interface SubscriptionConstructable {
new (init: SubscriptionInit, dispatch: React.Dispatch<any>): Subscription;

add(frequency?: number): void

Adds a new subscription at the provided frequency for the resource.

remove(frequency?: number): boolean

Removes a subscription for the given frequency. Returns true if there are no more subscriptions after. This is used to clean up unused Subscriptions.

cleanup(): void

Provides any cleanup of dangling resources after Subscription is no longer in use.

Included implementation


Implementing your own Subscription to handle websockets can be done by dispatching rest-hooks/receive actions with the data it gets to update. Be sure to handle connection opening in the constructor and close the connection in cleanup()