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Version: 7.0


function useFetch(
endpoint: ReadEndpoint,
...args: Parameters<typeof endpoint> | [null]
): Promise<any> | undefined;

Great for retrieving resources optimistically before they are needed.

This can be useful for ensuring resources early in a render tree before they are needed.

  • Triggers fetch:
    • On first-render
      • or parameters change
      • or required entity is deleted
      • or imperative invalidation triggered
    • and When not in cache or result is considered stale
    • and When no identical requests are in flight
    • and when params are not null
  • On Error (404, 500, etc):
    • Returned promise will reject
  • On fetch returns a promise else undefined.

Use in combination with a data-binding hook (useCache(), useSuspense(), useDLE()) in another component.



function MasterPost({ id }: { id: number }) {
useFetch(PostResource.get, { id });
// ...


function MasterPost({ id, doNotFetch }: { id: number; doNotFetch: boolean }) {
useFetch(PostResource.get, doNotFetch ? null : { id });
// ...

Useful Endpoints to send

Resource provides these built-in:

Feel free to add your own RestEndpoint as well.