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Version: 7.0


function mockInitialState(results: Fixture[]): State;

mockInitialState() makes it easy to construct prefill the cache with fixtures. It's used in <MockResolver /> to process the results prop. However, this can also be useful to send into a normal provider when testing more complete flows that need to handle dispatches (and thus fetch).



export interface SuccessFixture {
request: ReadShape<Schema, object>;
params: object;
result: object | string | number;
error?: false;

export interface ErrorFixture {
request: ReadShape<Schema, object>;
params: object;
result: Error;
error: true;

export type Fixture = SuccessFixture | ErrorFixture;

This prop specifies the fixtures to use data from. Each item represents a fetch defined by the Endpoint and params. Result contains the JSON response expected from said fetch.



This can be used as the initialState prop for <CacheProvider />


import { CacheProvider } from '@rest-hooks/react';
import { mockInitialState } from '@rest-hooks/test';

import ArticleResource from 'resources/ArticleResource';
import MyComponentToTest from 'components/MyComponentToTest';

const results = [
request: ArticleResource.getList,
params: { maxResults: 10 },
result: [
id: 5,
content: 'have a merry christmas',
author: 2,
contributors: [],
id: 532,
content: 'never again',
author: 23,
contributors: [5],

<CacheProvider initialState={mockInitialState(results)}>
<MyComponentToTest />