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Version: 6.4

Upgrading @rest-hooks/test to 3

@rest-hooks/test uses react-hooks-testing-library internally. Version 3 has a major version upgrade for this library, so the following breaking changes also apply to @rest-hooks/test@3

  • result.current, result.error is now undefined after suspense, rather than null
  • interval will now default to 50ms in async utils
  • timeout will now default to 1000ms in async utils
  • suppressErrors has been removed from async utils
  • Adjust types so that react renderer exports don't required extra generic parameter
  • Importing from renderHook and act from @testing-library/react-hooks will now auto-detect which renderer to used based on the project's dependencies
    - peerDependencies are now optional to support different dependencies being required
    - This means there will be no warning if the dependency is not installed at all, but it will still warn if an incompatible version is installed
    - Auto-detection won't work with bundlers (e.g. Webpack). Please use as specific renderer import instead

@rest-hooks/test@3 Release notes